Bored – Day 137

I attended my quarterly business coaching workshop yesterday and had a distinct feeling of deja vu. This is the fourth one I have attended and each time, I realise I am no further forwards and face the same old problems. I feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel, going round-and-round pointlessly.

While other members of the group stood up to announce that turnover had gone up by 67% or they’d hired a new MD or several staff members, all I could offer up was my new pop-up business card – which incidentally is a wondrous thing.

I’m not sure I particularly like the business of business and perhaps that’s my problem. There were lots of anachronisms flying around the room like KPI and…CSU (I made that last one up because I can’t remember what they all were exactly) and frankly, I felt a bit bored.

One of the speakers said that you cannot use money as a motivation, but need to have fire in your belly. I feel as if my last glowing embers have gone out. I love the idea of £££s flooding into my bank account, but hate the idea of having to earn them. This can mean only one thing – I was meant to be a bank robber. It’s a shame I don’t like guns and look a bit shit in a balaclava really.

The sun is out today, but I have decided to take myself off to work on the sadly neglected novel. Even that is boring me. Perhaps I’ll find the magic in it, if I force myself to write. It does mean yet more gazing at a screen, but needs must.

Personal manifesto

Easy money is king. Gimme some!



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