Shutdown – Day 136


I went into full on shut down mode for a day and took my kids to see my sister. We ate lunch in the garden, chatted and I didn’t answer one e-mail. I could really get used to this.

The power of time off cannot be underestimated. I can’t say that I felt more dynamic or inspired the following day, but I certainly appreciated not having to look at a screen for 24 hours. Grass, trees and flowers are so much more pleasing to the eye.

I think I said this last half-term, but kids off school and work are not a great combination. The next school holiday on the agenda is the six week summer break, which is going to be a huge challenge – for all of us.

Some people take the whole lot off, but I cannot imagine that. The PR business would certainly come to a halt. I’ve been thinking more and more about how I really need to hire a wing woman.

We are half way into the year and I am STILL no closer to earning £1m. I don’t believe for one minute that I am going to either and perhaps that’s half the problem. I seem to be working all the hours and never have anything to show for it. You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out that there is something seriously amiss with this equation.

Personal manifesto

I am keeping on, keeping on.

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