Planning a better week – Day 139

I’m on it today. Not only did I manage another 1,000 words of the novel, I also planned out next week. My diary is awash with success slots – things I must do to take one small step towards winning on a daily basis.

In addition to time spent on my clients, I have decided to spent an hour each morning working through Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles. There are slots for exercise, meditation, novel writing and others for working on the business as opposed to running around like a headless chicken.

I only have one meeting and if I don’t pencil in any others and stick to the schedule, my mood by Friday, which is a day off, should be 9/10. Let’s see.

Right, now I am going to hunt for a book of poetry for a bit of literary refreshment, before I settle down to watch BGT. Well, it is the finals!


Personal manifesto

When things get tough, I get tougher.


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