Juiced up – Day 141

I’m brimming with optimism and juice. I got a whole lot more shit done today and my new juicer arrived in the post. She’s a beast and whizzes through apples like a ninja on speed.

My husband rolled his eyes when he spied my latest kitchen gadget, but I blame Joe Cross. I watched his film Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead on Netflix and was left literally gagging for micronutrients, which are apparently abundant in juice.

I also had a great meeting with a potential client. It is THE perfect gig. I’d be teaming up with a local business person who spied me at one of my talks and I plan to bring in a talented mum I have my eyes on who is desperate to get back into PR. It would mean exciting work and real live colleagues – exactly what I’m after.

I meditated today. I did some work on the novel and I even whittled our washing mountain down to almost nothing.

I am full of JackCanfield wisdom which is buoying me, much the same as Jen’s Badass book did when I first read it. The lesson here I think is to keep on reading motivational writing.

Onwards and upwards!

Personal manifesto

I’m on fire.

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