Eating frogs – Day 143

I’ve been a very good girl this week. I’ve meditated every day, have resisted the urge to stuff sugar down my throat and I’ve eaten a whole bunch of frogs. However, I did a word count on my novel today at at 15,000 that just isn’t good enough for six months into the year.

It is the thing I want to achieve most, so therefore I must prioritise it – even above my hourly working through The Success Principles. The diary is chocca next week, but I have scheduled in four hours of writing and MUST stick to it. If I can do 4,000 words a week, I’ll have doubled my word count in no time.

I know I keep saying this and I did wonder why I don’t just sit down and do it. It’s because I hate what I write – initially. I’ve realised that I have to push through and write some absolute bollocks, then I can go back to it and improve things bit by bit. This has worked really well with my last two chapters.

I am off to a networking thing tonight and have also set a target of getting at least one order for 3D business cards. I am shattered, what with all this good work and watching Love Island (shoot me, I can’t help it!) I need a break.

I am off to see my dad tomorrow, so am taking the day off. Again! Get me, a right lady of leisure.

Personal manifesto

I am thinking myself into a fantastic future.


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  1. Wasn’t permitted to comment on tomorrow’s entry, but wanted to say that I deliberately delay answering emails for at least a day so that people don’t come to expect an immediate response. It’s not like I’m a real estate agent on call! but you’re right, if you respond right away they do come to expect it.


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