All Work – 145

I worked all day Saturday, but don’t feel too sorry for me as it wasn’t exactly a chore. I was at a glorious food festival that had it all going on – sunshine, fantastic stuff to eat and nice people.

My job was to run a blind taste test for a client and the whole thing went rather well, even if I say so myself. We even had a big UK TV star do the taste test and of course, my client’s product won hands down.

Several people stopped by and were so impressed with our product, they suggested ways of spreading the word.  Business cards were swapped and there was generally a lot of support in the air.

The client explained that it costs them more to be at the festival than they would ever make, but opportunities were popping up faster than organic mushrooms that day. That doesn’t happen when you stay at home.

The train home was heaving with drunk people, so I paid £20 to upgrade to first class. I can honestly say, it was the best £20 I’ve spent all week.


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I am attracting great things into my life.

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