Tuning out – 144


I was supposed to take a proper day off with my dad on Friday, but a lot of my time replying to e-mails. I carry an iPad mini with me and think the best way to avoid interruption is to either ignore it or leave it at home.

The trouble is, when you reply to people immediately, they come to expect that all the time. One of my clients regularly e-mails me at weekends and I always respond. I think I should let them know that I have a family and take weekends off. No, hang on, I don’t ‘think’ – I am telling them!

I’ve read a few quotes from The Secret lately about the law of attraction and I think I have drawn the sort of clients that expect weekend e-mails, into my world.

I need to attract a new kind of client. One that pays me handsomely, gets excited about my ideas and doesn’t expect staff to work weekends.

Personal manifesto

People are gagging to pay me loads of mullah.

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