Positivity – Day 147

It’s been a day of plusses – despite the fact that I still have no power in the kitchen. It’s a fasting day, so I don’t need it anyway, although the kids are not happy with salad AGAIN!

I met up with a contact from way back today. He runs a hugely successful PR agency and has suggested he pass on some of the smaller clients that aren’t suitable for his vast team. Yes please!

I also got word that the soap actress who had made an inquiry, wants to work with me, so that will commence when she gets back from her holiday next week.

It’s all good, although I am utterly exhausted. I have to attend a hospital appointment with my dad tomorrow, so that will mean putting off Tuesday’s tasks until Wednesday, although not all of them as I have an evening event to do for a client.

I am currently busy preparing for my meeting this Thursday with a potential fantastic client. I’ve been brain storming ideas for a week now, so hope he’s impressed with my offerings.

I’ve also had acrylic nails applied as I reckon it would look bad to turn up and pitch for a luxury brand with hands like a farm hand. My hands are victims of too much housework and now the power is out and I am doing the dishes myself, rubber gloves are a must – even when it comes to salad preparation as carrot and beetroot stained thumbs are not a good look.

There’s a new dress in the wardrobe and new shoes. Goodness, this will be a costly ‘no thanks’ if I don’t get it. But let’s not entertain those thoughts. I will be brilliant!

Personal manfesto

I am quite frankly, dazzled by my own brilliance.

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