Signs – Day 148

I had a coffee with a colleague this morning and we were talking about the Law of Attraction. She thought it a load of codswallop until she put it to the test. Prior to viewing a property (she’s a letting agent) she imagined that she’d opened the door to said empty house to find a single peacock feather.

Well, she did. I then remarked that I sometimes get ‘signs’, but often choose to ignore them. While were were in the cafe, I got a text from my sister to say my mum would be at hers that morning.

I had travelled by train and decided to get an Uber over to see the family. As I was waiting for said Uber to roll up, I heard somebody shouting my name. I saw a deranged woman hanging out of a white van and waving like a loon.

Turns out it was my mother! She and her partner were on their way to pick up a freezer from my sister. What were the chances of them spotting me on the pavement like that? They live an hour and a half away and I was a few miles from home. I had no idea they would even be passing through that stretch of road.

Was it a sign? Or a coincidence? I don’t know, but I thought it would be interest to set myself a challenge. Could I spend a whole week having absolute faith in the universe and the laws of attraction?

I am not sure, but it’s got to be worth a try?

Personal manifesto

The universe is awesome and so am I.

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