Spooky – Day 149

I can hear Dame Edna Everage in my head as I write this, but ever since I decided to put my faith in the universe for a week, things have been a little bit spooky around here.

Trains have turned up in the nick of time, work opportunities have sprung from nowhere and I no longer feel as if I am trying to wade through quicksand.

But the best bit is, the gnawing worry is gone. There is no screaming voice in my head saying ‘You haven’t got enough money! You’ll be destitute! etc etc’ because I have given myself a break. For one week I am having faith.

It strikes me that I should do this not just for one week, but forever. Why? Because life is so much more fun when you don’t give doubt the time of day. There’s no point in fearing the worst, because if the worst is coming, there’s nothing I can do about it!

I did the big pitch to the big high end client the other day and I didn’t get wound up or wonder if I’d been any good, because when you trust that everything is as it should be, you always get the right result – even if it’s not the one you hoped for at the time.

I read a quote from The Secret today that was along the lines of ‘having fear or worry about money is no way to attract it.’ No wonder I am still £999,999 off my £1 million goal.

I found a penny yesterday. Today it will be a pound. Tomorrow…


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The universe is on my side!



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