More scribbling – Day 151

I have spent hours on the book today and written hardly any words. My mistake was to try and do it at home. Someone seems to appear in my office every 10 seconds to ask me inane questions like ‘Where are my shorts?’ or ‘Have we got any eggs?’ I bet Jane Austen wasn’t so rudely interrupted.

I walked into town to take a kettle back and had a word with myself. Nobody said that writing a novel was going to be easy. I just need to work a bit harder. I bought one of the top selling novels in the UK today and I am going to go through it with a bunch of highlighters in a bid to break down the structure and writing techniques.

I am a bit stuck with my story, which is no place to be at such an early stage. I need some tools to help me push through.

I’m drinking a lot of green juice at the moment, which doesn’t seem to be improving my mental capacity. My brain feels a bit foggy today, but I have just the solution.  Love Island is on the telly in a couple of hours. I know, but I feel I’ve earned it!

Personal manifesto

I am a writer.


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