Testing – Day 152

And relax….

It’s been tough channelling the positive vibes today. I got up at 6am to work on the novel, but ended up doing chores, searching for bits of PE kit and dropping my daughter at school after she swore she was too ill to go in and would surely die if she had to get the bus. She made it through the day without too much sweat.

I then spent the afternoon driving her to various classes…BUT there were moments of pleasure to be had. A warm scone with jam and cream while she did her jazz class and then a walk by the river during ballet. So, what looked like a bit of a chore, ended up being a pleasant escape from the computer screen.

Incidentally, I’ve been trying to give up the white carbs, but the scone was just too hard to resist. I’ve also had terrible gut ache since I started eating rye bread and more vegetables, and don’t get me started on the gas…I looked eight months pregnant when I got up this morning.

It looks like I’ve got the high end client – it’s now a matter of waiting for the funding to come in. It’s a fantastic gig which will enable me to collaborate with lots of talented folk I am itching to work with. Whoop!

So yes despite the hiccups and the fact that I am all out of printer ink, it’s been a great day and I have plenty to be grateful for, like scones with jam and cream, sunshine and Dominos pizza – not for me, but to placate the tearful ‘ill’ daughter who I fear is suffering from post-school-residential-trip-hysteria, which I believe was known as a touch of the vapours back in Victorian times.

Right, Love Island is calling folks! Until next time.

Personal manifesto

I’m so lucky, lucky, lucky…in life, love, money, friends, family and work!



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