Seeing through the clouds – Day 153

I wrestled with the Law of Attraction today. I just wasn’t feeling the love – after my third trip to the launderette and then a 20 minute wait on the line trying to get hold of the washing machine engineer, I was ready to throw in the towel. A dirty towel…

But no. I had to have faith. I did a bit of deep breathing, imagined inhaling lungfuls of positivity and hey presto, I got through to the washing machine guy and my day started to go right.

I had to do some training at a travel agency and even though they left me alone in a tiny windowless room with nothing at all on the walls for entertainment, I stayed in the zone.

Row upon row of agents were on the phones, tapping into keyboards and arranging holidays and I thanked my lucky stars that I am my own boss and can take coffee, garden and dog walking breaks whenever I like. I am so grateful that I was brave enough to go freelance at the age of 27. I LOVE freedom.

By the end of the day, I was totally in love with my life, despite the fact it was a fasting day. My chicken salad tasted splendid and I fell asleep watching Love Island with a smile on my face. Me and the universe make a great team.

Personal manifesto

I smile through adversity. I am invincible. Lady luck loves me and money is coming right at me!




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