Blissed out – Day 154

A few days of positivity seem to be having an affect, or maybe it’s the juice? I felt totally blissed-out today. Full of the joy of living. My head was also incredibly clear and I had boundless energy. It also helped that the sun was shining.

I’ve been telling myself that I am an awesome money magnet etc, but cash remains elusive, even though I’ve really been enjoying the work this week. Moolah is such a sticking point for me.

It is of course, all a matter of perspective. I bumped into a woman I know vaguely. She looked tired and said she’d finished one job working in a school canteen and was off to do a night shift at the hospital. Her husband is seriously ill and she is supporting the family. I am guessing she is on a low hourly rate. It reminded me that some people work bloody hard for little reward.

I am so lucky to be my own boss. I’d just strolled into town to buy some vegetables from the market when I bumped into this lady. She seemed a little envious of me, ambling up the road in the sunshine, my wheelie trolley stuffed with organic cucumbers and kale.

‘You don’t work?’ she asked. ‘I do,’ I said. ‘I work for myself.’ She asked what I did and I could see that in her eyes, I have a privileged existence. I do and must never forget that. I am truly grateful.

Personal manifesto

I can feel the love!

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