Still feeling the love – Day 155

I’m still feeling the love. I realise this state that’s bordering on euphoria cannot last. Why? Because there has to be light and shadow in life and you can’t enjoy the highs if there are no lows to compare it with.

A thought struck me today. The thing that unsettles me most about running my own business is the fact that I have no idea where the next new client is coming from or when one of my existing clients will leave.

I am a control freak and struggle with uncertainty. However, if I have faith, then it ceases to be a problem. When I simply trust that it is all going to work out, I can relax and enjoy the moment – and if you can’t enjoy the moment, then what’s the point?

The washing machine got fixed today by a handsome engineer. My husband was working from home and accused me of flirting outrageously. ‘I can’t help it, I think it’s the juice,’ I told him.

I have, it must be said, been feeling a bit frisky since I started on the juice. I am not sure if it’s all in the mind or if the micronutrients are having an effect. It was kale, cucumber, apple, pear, ginger, mint and broccoli today and it tasted fantastic.

I also ate cake today. Stuffed with bad carbs and sugar. I enjoyed it, but couldn’t finish a whole slice. That is unheard of for me and I wonder if that’s because I’m starting to crave foods that are inherently good for me.

The day was rounded by a ballet class. I am becoming increasingly obsessed with ballet. It is so damned hard and I have little natural ability, but am determined to crack it. I’m never going to be Darcey Bussell, but who knows, one day I might even learn how to point my toes correctly.

Personal manifesto

Team universe, let’s smash this weekend!


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