Crashing down – Day 157

The mojo is fading

I guess it was inevitable. After the dizzying highs of the past few days, I came crashing down, not too far down though. I felt exhausted and the heatwave we’re having didn’t help. I had to have a nap in the middle of the day, which I haven’t done since the kids were little.

I felt guilty about not getting a lot done, but soon realised that was daft. I’d had such an industrious phase, it was only natural that I’d feel tired and in need of some rest.

My week of having faith in the universe was so positive I am trying to maintain it, but let me warn you, it does wear off. It’s hard to keep the enthusiasm going day in, day out.

Even so, things are going well. I have decided not to look for new clients for the summer months as my dad is having daily treatment and I want to be around for him. What happens next? I start to get inquiries. It’s a bit like being single. When you’re desperately looking for love it remains elusive, but as soon as you give up on the idea, men come along like buses.

I have five hours on a train today and intend to put the time to good use and make headway with the book. I read through some of the chapters I wrote this weekend and actually laughed out loud. I know it’s not cool to laugh at your own jokes, but still…

Personal manfesto

I am smashing it out of the park.


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