On track – Day 158

Prayer to the muse

Another day of excess train travel, which was most enjoyable, but I struggled to write any decent words for the book. I’ve reached 20,000 words and really don’t know where to go next.

I thought that relaxing and eating everything the 1st class buffet service had to offer would help, but it didn’t. I must have been a few lbs heavier when I disembarked and I am afraid to say, the muse was nowhere to be seen.

I was a journalist for the day and didn’t do anything remotely entrepreneurial either, but I had fun and that counts for a lot I think. Also, it’s also never a bad thing to mix with a roomful of hacks from just about every tabloid magazine and newspaper in the UK when you’re in the business of PR.


Personal manifesto

I am keeping on, keeping on.

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