Perspective – Day 159

Old friends and a funeral

I went to a wake today. It was a good friend’s father and she is understandably devastated. I haven’t seen said friend for more than a year and we used to talk all the time. I wanted to be there for her on one of the toughest days of her life to date and I’m glad I was.

There is nothing like a wake to put things into perspective. At the end of the day, you won’t be taking any cash with you and the least you can do, is leave behind some great memories for the friends and family who will gather for sandwiches and cold beer after your funeral.

It reminded me of the importance of friendship. The people in my life matter most and a quest for money can never jeopardise that.

A few pop-up PR cards went out last week and I haven’t had time to call up and chase the recipients, but they were so chuffed, they e-mailed me. I’ve got one meeting out of it, which is great. Gradually, the right kind of clients seem to be coming into my orbit. It’s just taking longer than I thought, but that’s okay.

I had to miss my ballet class on Thursday and I was really sad about it. It strange to think that I came close to giving it up so  many times when I first started and now I look forward to the lessons. I’ve been reflecting on that too. I only continued on thanks to the support and encouragement of other women in the class, who assured me that I wouldn’t always be totally useless. They were right, I am much less useless now. This also reminds me that the right collaboration and support is essential in business too.

I read an interview with Mary Portas who said she hates working alone and that the secret to her success is working with people she clicks with and trusts. I am the same. I’ve got a new team member in my sights and if this new high end client signs on the dotted line, we’ll be brainstorming like there’s no tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Personal manfesto

Things take time, but I am always brilliant.

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