The power of a smile – Day 167

A big smile goes a long way.

A man came to our house to pick up a trunk he bought on e-Bay today and what struck me when I opened the door, was his huge smile. This guy looked as if he was radiating sunshine.

He’d bought a trunk that had been used to store our son George’s train sets. He’s 18 now and his love affair with Hornby has come to an end; all that is left of it are the words ‘George’s Stuff’ daubed on the trunk in indelible marker.

‘Sorry about that,’ I said of the scribble.

‘I love that it says George’s stuff,’ beamed our young buyer.

The trunk was huge – so big, you could fill it with a couple of bodies. The smiley buyer had come on the train and planned to take his purchase home with a trolley, only said trolley was way too small. He banged and clattered down our road and with a cheery wave, shouted ‘Don’t worry, if I can’t manage it I’ll call my mum.’

He lived 20 miles away and my husband was so taken with his wonderful vibe, he wanted to run down the street and offer him a lift half way round the M25. He would have done too had I not stopped him.  ‘He’ll be fine. He’ll call his mum,’ I said.

What struck me was the fact that when somebody radiates loveliness like this guy, you just want to bend over backwards to help them. I bet Mr Smiley gets no end of goodwill gestures coming his way.

I can be sunny, but I can also be growly, snappy and grim. Just ask my husband who bore the brunt of my temper after a failed attempt to get a PAC code from ID Mobile this afternoon. ‘I can’t shout at ID Mobile because they never answer the phone, so I have to take it out on you,’ I barked.

My husband laughed, but invariably when you snap at someone, they come right back at you. I’m sure my path through life would be smoother if I channelled a bit more joy.

Personal manifesto

The smiles are on me.


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