Queen of grouch – Day 168

Stand back – I’m in the grip of a bad mood


Ironically, just 24 hours after writing about the smiliest person I’ve met in a long while, I find myself in a ghastly mood. Everyone and everything is getting on my nerves. Honestly, don’t speak to me right now because you’ll irritate me too.

Pre Jen, this would make me feel like a big fat failure. I’m reading all these self-help books and trying to harness the power of positive thinking, yet here I am feeling like Victor Meldrew on a hunger strike.

But do you know what, it happens. Sometimes your mood dips. It’s normal, especially when you’ve filled and emptied the dishwasher several times over and it’s only five o’clock.

In a bid to pick myself up, I listened to a Jen Sincero podcast. She didn’t get on my nerves and the bit that resonated most was ‘remember to surrender.’ That’s hard. I like to be in a state of rushing around and pushing forwards, feeling like I am getting things done. It doesn’t work. More being and less doing always lets the magic in.

I also like the idea of taking action that ‘scares the crap out of you.’ I am not quite sure what that is in my case, but it sounds like a good move.

I decided that the only thing to do at a time like this is to eat cake, but it is a fasting day, so instead, I listed aspects of my life that I am thankful for. Here they are:


  • Healthy happy kids.
  • A working body.
  • Wonderful friends.

You see, nothing to complain about. Grrrrr, hiss, spit…

Personal manifesto

I laugh in the face of bad moods!



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