Scary shit – Day 171

“Do something that scares the crap out of you,” Jen Sincero.

Just 24 hours after writing a letter to money, I did something that really scared the shit out of me. I let a client go. I wrote to them and said ‘I don’t think this is working.’ OMFG. They were on a monthly retainer. What was I thinking??

The truth is, it wasn’t working. From the outset, I told this interiors client, that their photographs were not good enough for glossy magazines. I recommended two great snappers who could reshoot their work and produce images to die for, but they wanted to stick with their current photographer.

Four months in, I had unsurprisingly been told by several reporters and editors, that the pictures I was sending out just weren’t good enough. The client was in effect, wasting their money on me because I was unable to do the job.

Part of me, the part that always thinks money is going to run out on me, wanted to keep cashing the cheques for as long as possible, before they realised they weren’t getting results, but that’s not the way I work. I want to do a good job for my clients. I want to deliver what I say I will and when that doesn’t happen, I don’t feel good about it.

So, we have parted ways. They thanked me for my honesty and I hope they will take my advice and use some of the cash they’ve saved on a decent photographer.

What now? I’m not inclined to rush out and find a new client as I need to be available to help Dad through his cancer treatment. I just have to trust that the universe has got my back. On the plus side, it has freed up more time for writing and I managed to bash out another 500 words on the novel this morning.

Does my blog suck?

Talking of writing, I read this great blog post by a guy called Cristian Mihai. He writes about the art of blogging and he said this:

“There are 24,490,912 blog indexed on Wait a sec.  Make that 24,490,923. Just on And a lot more self-hosted blogs, or using a different platform.

About a million blog posts get made every 24 hours. Every topic, every theme, and every subject has been exhaustively covered by hundreds of blogs.

So why should anyone read yours?”

Hmmm. Why indeed? Cristian gets several hundred likes for many of his blog posts, while I am lucky if I get more than 5. Around 10 people read my blog each day – and some of those are people I know whom I have accosted and begged ‘Please read my blog, please or else I’ll cry..’ Anyway, I guessed that my blog doesn’t suck because each visitor reads an average of four posts and if it was truly boring, they wouldn’t bother.

Cristian also said he spends 5 – 6 hours on each post and about the same amount in promoting said post. Gulp. I’ll be honest and tell you that it takes between 10 minutes and 1 hour for me to write a post and aside from Facebook and Twitter alerts, I don’t promote the blog at all. Yesterday, I did and am happy to report that I doubled my traffic.

I want to make a living out of writing, this much I know and this means I need to get my words read. I also need to make sure I find my writing voice and pen the best stuff that I can. Before become a bestselling authoress, Jen Sincero wrote two books – Don’t Sleep With Your Drummer and The Straight Girl’s Guide To Sleeping With Chicks* I won’t be buying either of these for any of my friends (people might talk!), but I have given away at least a dozen copies of You Are Badass to those I think could really do with it.

What I’m saying is, Jen’s first and second books weren’t all that, BUT she went on writing courses, got better, found something she was passionate about and said it in her own inimitable way.  Now, if I can do that, me and money will be having a veritable orgy.

Personal manifesto

My writing is my fortune.


* Reader, this book is a real eye-opener. I did not realise there was err, so much you could do with chicks! Definitely not one to read on public transport (autocorrect just tried to make that pubic transport!).

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