Pranked by the law of attraction – Day 172

“The law of attraction simply gives you whatever it is you are thinking about,” Rhonda Byrne, The Secret.

I was pranked by the law of attraction today. ‘Please don’t let me bump into anyone I know,’ I prayed as I made my way to the supermarket, looking fifty shades of awful after just four hours sleep and too much gin.

I was only there for 20 minutes and ended up colliding with four acquaintances  – neighbours, playground dads, former work colleagues they were all there today and couldn’t have looked perkier and less hungover if they’d tried.

I’d been thinking about ‘bumping into people I know’ but as Rhonda Byrne points out in The Secret, the law of attraction gives you what’s on your mind, whether you want it or not.

Now my husband thinks that all this universe stuff is utter bollocks and reckons this happened purely because I know so many people –  he has a point, I’ll chat to anyone if they stand still for long enough.

It’s funny though isn’t it, how when you obsess over something, it seems to happen? I am reminded of a fellow PR who lived in fear of losing one particular client and guess what, she did in fact lose that client. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I stayed up late because I met up with a woman who had hired me about a year ago. She called me at 11pm as she’d seen from my Facebook posts that I was nearby. I was tired and about to go home, but had a ‘what the hell’ moment and found myself in a noisy bar at midnight, full of young people wearing black and shouting to be heard. I stood out like a sore thumb due to the fact that I was a) at least 20 years older than everybody else b) wearing a peach Boden wrap dress and c) carrying a large cake.

Anyway, we had a great catch up. The woman, let’s call her L, said she was off to see Michael Bublé in concert the following day – a well known UK TV star had called up and offered her a VIP ticket.

I wasn’t surprised. L is one of the best PR people I have ever met and attracts opportunities like jam does wasps. If she wants a chart topping pop star to help with a project, you can bet on it that she’ll bump into one that week. She makes things happen. She is the law of attraction on legs and long ones at that.

I know that when she jets off to Australia in the next few days to start a new job, she will attract similar magic down under. She just can’t help it.

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