Rich woman, poor woman – Day 173

“Hard work doesn’t make you richer, it just makes you ill,” Claire Mynott, The Guardian 14/07/2018

On page 39 of today’s Guardian, there is a story about how 20-year-old Kyle Jenner is on track to become the world’s youngest ever billionaire. She sells make-up. On page 51 there is an interview with a 46-year-old who produces learning aids for autistic kids. She earns £14,500 a year and can’t afford an internet connection.

Claire’s job is so stressful, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. ‘I’m just waiting to retire,’ she says. ‘I don’t expect any improvement in my situation.’ Young Kyle meanwhile, doesn’t even make her products or sell them herself. They are outsourced, promoted via social media and Shopify run her online store. She comes up with the ideas of course, but gets others to do the hard graft.

I know whose shoes I’d rather be in, especially as Claire is so skint, she buys hers from charity shops.

Soon-to-be-billionaire Kyle Jenner sure is one big ole badass. Wow. Now that really is working smart. I just love this idea of making megabucks for doing something you love – Kyle says she was obsessed with lipstick when she was a teenager.

In her money book, Jen urges us to work smart and not hard. Earning money does not have to be difficult she says. You just need to surrender, open yourself up to new possibilities and get into the damn flow. This is in my mind right now because I was listening to her dulcet tones on audible during a train journey earlier.

I really needed to hear that at this point in my journey. Truth be told, I am more like Claire than Kyle. I think I have to work every hour God sends, get super-stressed and start hating my life if I am to be rich. No wonder that £1million is proving elusive.

It’s probably a blessing that I can’t be a slave to work at the moment due to the fact that I need to be around for my dad. I can however, stay positive, work myself into a massive tizzy of excitement about my own awesomeness and be open to any opportunities that come my way. And they will, I just know it.

Personal manfesto

I’m letting the magic in!


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