Keeping the calm – Day 180

I’m on holiday, I’ve spent the day on the beach and my phone has pinged incessantly with e-mails from a frantic client. I’ve been fighting to stay calm. Breathe. And relax…

I won’t bore you with the details, but somebody I worked really well with left a company and I don’t gel with their replacement. This shows in the results I am getting. The client is unhappy and the person I report to is flying off in a panic and choosing to ignore all my suggestions.

Here I am again. I fear I am going to have to let this client go. My PR work is falling off a cliff. The magazine work has dried up. It’s taking a superhuman effort to maintain an ‘abundant’ frame of mind right now.

This situation would normally send me into a right spin. I’d be hyperventilating and wondering if there’s a future in busking, but I am determined to do things differently. I must remain cool, calm and confident. I’ve already seen from my sister’s example that letting go of toxic clients is always a good thing in the long run.

But, gasp, the TV company I had a meeting with on Friday cancelled. It’s all unravelling. Would busking really be so bad? I can play the recorder…although the only ‘tune’ I know is London’s Burning, which might not go down too well in this heat.

No. Stay calm. And breathe…. Before I left home this morning I leafed through You Are A Badass and came across a chapter where Jen urged readers to take a chance and see what they can get away with in life.

Today,  I thought about how I would LOVE to do a regular podcast. There’s nothing I like more than the sound of my own voice, people say I’m funny and I do love to hold court. A podcast would be such a hoot. I could interview people and invite friends to join me – I know some wonderful raconteurs.  Hmmmm….I wonder if I could get away with it?

Personal manifesto

I do not panic. That is for sissies.




  1. I haven’t noticed a link to your podcast yet, though I’m working backward through about three months of your entries. (Gak, how has it been this long?)(It has required brewing myself a second cup of coffee; you are a bad influence, Ms Badass.)

    Podcasts are a gift from the heavens, I say.

    If you’re doing one, but not posting a name or link (or if I missed it) because you’re staying anonymous, but would consider sharing it with me privately, please email me at


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