Time is precious – Day 181

My phone burst into life at 5am this morning with a flurry of desperate messages from the angry marketing head. I didn’t reply. I flew out of the door and ran. Up a dusty track I went, along the Downs and down to a deserted beach where I meditated. It was exactly what I needed.

What came to me in a flash is that I must not stress over these crazy work situations. I must know that all will be well in the same way that I just knew which horse was going to win the Grand National all those years ago.

I pushed work worries to the back of my mind (It is a Sunday after all AND I’m on holiday FFS), headed to the beach with my family and savoured the moment. Both my parents came along, but my husband was missing as his father had a fall and was taken to hospital this morning. Suddenly our parents are so old and frail and as much as we’d like to turn back the clock, we cannot.

Time is precious and I am pleased to be spending a lot of it with various family members this week. Work is just going to have to wait – although I am about to dash out a press release before supper, so I guess I need to work a little harder on the art of switching off.


Personal manifesto

I have faith.






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