What holiday? – Day 182

I worked for seven hours today. Not much of a holiday, but I did manage to top it off with a ballet class, a jog along the seafront and an evening swim, much to the annoyance of the other half who says I am a ‘selfish pleasure seeker.’

He was grumpy as he spent half the day shoe shopping with our youngest and honestly, I’d rather be a coal miner’s canary than go through that hell.

There are a couple more hours of toil to be done tomorrow, but I am going to spend even more time in pursuit of selfish pleasure. I’m trying to enjoy time with the kids, honest, but their moaning knows no bounds.

Still, everybody enjoyed our 7.30am swim in the sea, apart from the dog who thought we were drowning. He waded in to try and save us, but quickly realised that buoyancy is not one of his strong points, so he settled for skittering up and down the shore whilst yelping incessantly.

Dogs, kids, moody men…honestly, holidays are such hard work!

Personal manifesto

I seek pleasure and I’m proud of it.

One comment

  1. My spouse has said to me, as if to insult me, “You love yourSELF.” Why yes, yes I do!
    I was insulted that he thought it was an insult and wanted to insult me, but I know that I’m lovable and need to love myself and that loving myself is a very good thing. It doesn’t mean I don’t love others or that I love myself more than them. It means I love myself JUST AS MUCH as I love others.
    Some people just don’t get that. Especially people who are pissed off that you consider yourself as important as them, that you think you have every right to make your own choices rather than do what THEY want you to do or think you should.
    Stand fast against such thinking.


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