Swimming with seals – Day 184

Two seals joined me as I swam in a deserted cove at 7.30m. The blue skies, the glittering ocean and shiny black heads bobbing up and down made for such a magical scene, I felt quite emotional – until I started to wonder if seals bite. I looked it up when I got home and apparently they do if you get too close.

I steered well clear, but they were definitely checking me out from different vantage points. I never knew quite where they were going to pop up next. One thing’s for sure, in that moment in time, I didn’t want to be anywhere else on this earth.

I only spent 2.5 hours working today, not bad, but still not holiday mode. I ended up sorting something out for the client I let go a couple of weeks previously. A little voice inside my head did say ‘Why are you doing this, they are no longer paying you?’ But I carried on regardless.

I paid my deposit for the Journey work I am doing in September. It’s taken me a lifetime to get where I am now, a relatively happy, sane and sound individual and I don’t have another lifetime in which to clear out the remaining ‘baggage’. I am pinning my hopes on this process.

The family are congregating en masse tomorrow so things are going to get very noisy on the coast. It’ll be a lot of fun (I hope) and for once, work will have to wait.

I am aware that there are five months left in my quest to make a million – and thanks to the closure of various magazines, my finances are down to the tune of £2.5K per month. This whole abundance thing is not really working for me. If I do nothing, things will stay the same, but right now, I’m not sure what action to take. I need to be on high alert like the seals, so that I don’t miss any opportunities that come my way.

Personal manifesto

Holidays are good for my health and happiness.

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