We are family – Day 185

10 members of my family gathered for a BBQ near Britain’s most notorious suicide spot this evening. I always find it hard to reconcile the beauty of the place with the fact that so many people journey there with the sole intention of ending their life.

It’s a location that makes me glad to be alive, but then again, I am not suffering from depression and life has been good to me so far.

My husband told me tales of some of the jumpers he’d read about in a newspaper article as we made our way to a hidden cove at 6.30am and they were heartbreaking. Some people have it so bad.

I felt an enormous sense of gratitude today. The weather was glorious, I am on holiday and only did 2 hours work (I’m nearly there) and the day ended with our lively family BBQ. We ate and laughed a lot. I felt rich despite the fact that money has decided to leave the building. It’ll be back, I’m sure, but for now, I don’t really care because the sun is shining.

Personal manifesto

I am beyond grateful.




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