It’s official – Day 187

Only 45 minutes of work done today. It’s official. I am on holiday. I know, it’s Saturday, but give me a break.

Not much to report in terms of my journey to becoming a bigger ballsier badass. I went for a run along the seafront and meditated today. I wanted an answer to the question: My work has fallen off a cliff, what do I do now?

The answer was, do not panic. I need to take stock and plan for a trip to Edinburgh next month, where I aim to network with key players from the TV industry. The more work I put into making sure I get to meet the right contacts, the better the results. I’ll be after a little bit of help from the universe of course, but that goes without saying.

I’ve got my nieces over for a sleepover today and am currently trying to resist the popcorn mountain downstairs. I don’t reckon my chances.


Personal manifesto

I calmly make the most of all the brilliant opportunities that come my way.




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