Lessons from a dog – Day 190

A retriever taught me a valuable lesson yesterday. Her name’s Jenny and she and her owner are regulars on our local beach. Jenny invariably has a tennis ball in her mouth. She loves this ball and running after it is her greatest pleasure, which is why she drops it on her owner whenever she tries to doze in the sun.

Yesterday though, Jenny was not the least bit interested in her ball. Despite the fact that she had a willing playmate in the form of a dog loving toddler, she flatly refused to go after it. Why had her retriever instincts left her?

Jenny had lost interest in her ball because she was on high alert. A windsurfer had skimmed across the sea in front of our patch of beach like a butterfly on speed and Jenny wanted to chase it. It had only appeared briefly before zooming out of sight, but once she’d clocked it, the dog couldn’t relax.

The owner explained to the confused ball-throwing toddler that because Jenny had seen the windsurfer, she was on high alert. She would look out for it now until they left the beach and would not allow herself to be distracted by the tennis ball.

Jenny sat there on the beach, ears up in acute listening position and muscles twitching at the slightest movement out at sea. She was ready to pounce.

I need to be vigilant for new opportunities like Jenny. I mustn’t be distracted by my own metaphorical tennis balls – crap telly, Facebook, junk food, taking low paid work in a panic etc etc.  I am on it. Woof.

Personal manifesto

I see and am open to exciting new opportunities.

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