Show me the pleasure – Day 194

There was much huffing and eyeball rolling from the other half when I announced that I’d be spending 80% of the day doing things that I wanted to do.  I’d set my heart on doing this exciting new ballet class in town that morning and then, I planned to lunch by the river with some girlfriends.

‘But the kids will fight and make a mess if they are left alone,’ he complained. He was off to see his ailing father in hospital and expected me to man the fort in his absence. I refused. The ‘kids’ are 18, 15 and 12. They do not need a babysitter.

I almost felt 18 again as I tripped off to ballet in a trendy party of London, all on my own on a glorious Sunday morning. I was free! I’ve spent years wiping noses and bottoms – why should I spend my weekend wiping dishes? No way. Life’s too short.

My husband you see, does nothing for himself. Absolutely nothing…apart from drink the odd cold beer in front of footie on the box. He has few friends, never spends a penny on himself and has no interests. I’m making him seem like a right dullard, but he isn’t. He’s clever and delightfully funny, but socialising is not his bag. It is mine though.  I love to talk.

Anyhoo, the ballet was fabulous darling and lunch by the river was sublime. I returned home feeling refreshed, creative and in a fantastic mood. The husband however, had arrived back an hour before me and was greeted by carnage and screams. He had a right cob on when I wafted in. The place was silent and spotless. It’s all in the timing you see…

Personal manifesto

I deserve to have a thoroughly good time, so there!

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