Good vibrations – Day 195

I’ve been thinking about my vibrations recently. I’m talking about The Law of Attraction, you know, all that ‘what you project out you get back’ business. Money and I are still on bad terms, so I’m guessing that the whole ‘OMG I’m not earning enough’ vibe isn’t really doing much for the bank balance.

I am feeling a lot more open and loving than normal and I put this down to my dad’s illness. I explained to my sister that I am like an egg. Most of the time, I am hard-boiled and if you drop me, I’ll retain my shape. Since Dad was diagnosed, I am a raw egg, delicate, but encased. On bad days, the shell is gone and only a thin membrane keeps me in tact. I will break if not handled with care.

Anyway, there is a point to this metaphor. When I was at my friend’s at the weekend, I steered clear of her dog on account of the fact that it growled at me during our last meeting.

I was sat on the settee chatting when the dog hopped up and sat next to me. He scooched his bum along and pressed it into my thigh, then he let his back fall against me and finally, laid his head on my knee whereupon, his ears flopped back and he gazed at me with utter adoration.

‘Wow, he’s not normally like that,’ said my astonished friend. As I stroked his silken ears, the dog revelled in my touch. In that moment, this mutt was really into me. I mean, it was kind of embarrassing, he looked smitten!

Was I giving off an aura/vibrations/some kind of vibe that was absent the last time we crossed paths and he curled his lip at me and snarled? Whatever it was, being bathed in the dog’s love was blissful and I felt good about myself for the rest of the day. I wonder if people are picking up the same vibration – I haven’t noticed anyone gaze at me adoringly, but there’s still time…


Personal manifesto

I radiate love.

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