Abraham makes a point – Day 198

The Law of Attraction and the whole vibration thang is very much on my mind right now as I am reading Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks and if I needed any proof about attracting what I put out, along it came in a quaint tea shop.

In amongst the Japanese tourists and pensioners enjoying scones and choux buns light as clouds, I overheard a conversation. ‘Everything vibrates,’ said a voice. ‘If you look at a huge block of ice, it appears stable, but it is in fact vibrating.’

A couple nearby were discussing the very topic that I’ve been reading about in great depth. According to tea shop guy, Mozart’s music tunes into a certain vibrational frequency whilst Einstein reckoned new frontiers would be crossed in science if we learned more about resonance.

‘I understand what they are saying,’ said my daughter. I was hugely impressed. ‘Yes, it’s true, the whole universe is vibrating,’ I replied.

‘What are you on about?’ she said.

‘That conversation over there about vibrations.’

‘What vibrations? The French people over there. I can understand what they are saying.’

I didn’t realise there were any French people in the room as I was so captivated by the talk of vibrations. Clearly, I was tuned into that frequency, while my daughter plugged right into the Français. We both heard what we wanted/needed to hear (she’s been revising French all week).

I know this isn’t hugely profound, but it did make me think. It’s like the thing that happens when you are interested in buying a certain model of car. Suddenly, you see it everywhere. Your thoughts draw your attention to certain things externally. I get it now!

Money is still on my mind and I felt a rush of fizzy excitement on the bus today that told me not to worry, cash is all around me, I just need to let it in. Money’s coming home…

Personal manifesto

Money and I are having a big love-in

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