I wrote, therefore I am – Day 199

Huzzah! I finally did some writing. I started by reading through my chapters so far and do you know what? I actually like what I’ve put down on paper. My character makes me laugh. Sometimes she moves me too.  The story is nice and pacy and I want to know more…which is good, seeing as I am writing the damn thing.

Not much to report otherwise. I’ve been practicing a lot of ‘gratitude’ which I mostly find quite easy as I’m pretty lucky really.

A few ‘wins’ came my way yesterday. PR hits out of the blue. Things I set in motion weeks ago, coming to fruition when I least expected it. Sometimes I feel I work so hard and get nowhere and then I let go and hey presto, bullseye!

We were supposed to be camping in the New Forest this weekend, but the trip got rained off. That has left me with two delicious days to fill with writing, eating, ballet and larking about with my daughters. It’s lovely to have time when there is plenty of…time.

Now I’ve done some proper writing and my blog post, I am going to flop on the bed with a cup of coffee and some Netflix. The other half has gone to see his parents with our son, so it’s just me and the girls – and a big bag of junk food.

One of the women in my ballet class has cleared her cupboards of sugar and has given the lot to me as I confessed that I have a sweet tooth and would never get rid of ‘treats’ without a fight.

The kids have devoured most of it and I am trying to stay away. I am a bit like a crack addict when it comes to sweets. Somebody else told me that this same woman gave them a bag of vegetables from her Dad’s allotment. Next time, I think I’ll go for the greens.


Personal manifesto

I am a best-selling badass novelist.


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