Brassic world – Day 200

£1,000,000 is a lot of money. Too much. I think my problem is that I have not once truly believed that I would manifest that much in a year. I am making great strides on the personal development front, but moneywise, well, it’s not really working.

Actually, it’s more than not working. Thanks to magazine closures, the Etsy glitch and ditching a client, I am down to the tune of £4k per month from where I was at the start of the year and this is not supposed to be a ‘How To Lose £1m In A Year’ blog. I should be in a right old panic, but what is the point? I’ve spent a lifetime fretting about not having enough money and here I am, still haemorrhaging it like nobody’s business.

So what do I do? Not what I’ve always done, which is freak out, take on a raft of low paid work and drive myself into the ground. Instead, I am going to breathe and relaaaax. There is no point in pitching for new clients until September when everyone is back from holidays, so I may as well busy myself with some exercises from  Ask And It Is Given

Esther Hicks says I must on no account, dwell on the lack of money in my life, quite the opposite. I need to feel as if I am truly loaded. How? One of her methods advocates that I walk around with £100 in my purse and imagine spending it 10 times over on a daily basis. I could also try writing myself cheques and then think about what I would splash the cash on. I did that this morning. I wrote myself a cheque for £1000 and dreamt I bought a new sofa – one that actually matches the walls. Each day I am to double the amount. Then, I can work my way up to feeling as if I really do have £1m in my bank account…as opposed to £93.14.

I forked out actual money on coffee, travel and a ballet class today. It was money well spent…or at least it would have been had I not spilt the coffee all over somebody’s foot. The one and a half hour ballet class cost a tenner, £30 if you include travel and spilt coffee – a snip considering I walked out of there in a £1m mood.

Personal manifesto

Money is everywhere. It loves me and I love it right back.


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