Treading water – Day 204

It’s been a treading water day today. I haven’t been mindful, meditated or even tried to think positively. It’s all been a bit, rush, rush, rush. At least I am still floating and not drowning.

We drove to the coast this evening and I can’ think of anything less Zen than sitting in a traffic jam on the M25 with my lot bickering about anything and everything. Even the dog was being a drama Queen.

There was some good news. That list of top 100 clients that I’ve kind of forgotten about was revisited. I sent one of them a cheeky message to ask if I could buy them a coffee at an industry event next week. They said that would be nice. Great. A face-to-face with a key player for less than £3.

It’s 11pm and my daughters are still making a LOT of noise. This could be an exhausting weekend. We’re at an air show tomorrow. I can’t wait to look skywards while aircraft drown out the sound of my moaning teenagers. Over and out.

Personal manifesto

I’m on a one way street to fulfilment.

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