Be a Ninja and not a whinger – Day 207

Glenn Carey, a guy from Canada whom I have never met, has committed to making $100,000 by July next year. He’s buying a piece of land he’s fallen in love with and has agreed to monthly instalments before making a final payment next summer.

‘When you are dealing with the law of attraction you have to commit,’ says Glenn. ‘This is my claim. The money is going to have to be called in by myself. I am not going to finance this, it is going to come through money I create. I am all in on this thing, I am going to jump in with two feet and make this public. You have to take actions – we are held back by our fears. Sometimes we are held back by generations of not having.’

I like Glenn’s style. He has to make the downpayment on July 2019 or else he will lose the plot of land where he plans to build is dream home.

‘So universe, I need $100,000 by July next year,’ he says. He then goes on to explain that he is going to be a ‘Ninja’ at the law of attraction. Brilliant!

It’s made me realise I haven’t made a commitment. I’ve made a wishy washy claim, which I am nowhere near fulfilling. I need to be like Glenn, but all of a sudden, I feel like a big fat commitment phobe.

I think I need to force myself into a corner somehow. I must be more Ninja and less whinger. I have to knuckle down and write that flipping book!

Personal manfesto

I am a Ninja at the law of attraction.




  1. Speaking of guys from Canada, true north strong and free, you’ve probably heard of JIM Carrey, who when he was living in his car wrote himself a cheque for $10 million and kept it in his wallet till he received a cheque for that amount.
    I’m going to google Glenn Carey and see what else he has to say for himself.


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