Hive of activity – Day 208

I’ve been super productive today. I’ve mailed out press releases, fixed up meetings for the forthcoming industry event, had my nails done (v important), fed the kids, walked the dog, done a stretch class… It’s a loooooong list. I put my energy surge down to the fact that I spent the last three days lazing about.

The industry event this week HAS to go well. It will go well. I will meet the right people as if by magic – although I have done the ground work and put in lots of requests. I will also have a great time and wonderful opportunities will appear before my eyes.

I last went to this annual event 20 years ago. It will no doubt have changed a lot in that time, as have I. I won’t be staying out until the early hours hoping to cop off with comedians like I used to, but I will be making the most of every gathering and forging connections wherever I can. I am braver than I was back then. I won’t be shy about approaching people no matter how ‘important’ they are plus I’ve had a lot of practice at honing my networking skills.

I will also make sure there is a bit of time for selfish pleasure seeking too. All work and no play makes for a dull badass and besides, all the best creative ideas happen when you’re enjoying yourself.

I’m exhausted now. Time for bed.

Personal manifesto

Everything is going according to my plan

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