A trip full of promise – Day 209

Boarding pass. Tick. Business cards. Tick. Spaghetti of charging cables. Tick. Optimism. Tick, tick and double tick. Yes, this is going to be a trip full of promise. I can feel it in my bones. I am brimming with hope, even though I can barely bring myself to look at the bank balance.

A client is three months in arrears. This is not good news for my business. I still have to pay my assistant and for various prescriptions which enable me to do the job. Cash is not exactly what you might call ‘flowing.’  I have explained that if I am not paid by Thursday, I’ll stop working on the account.

They are a retainer client. They’ve been with me for a year and I’d hate to lose them, especially now my journalism work has dried up, but needs must. If I put up with this, they’ll just carry on doing it ( Breathe. Relax. Stay calm. *stifles sob*).

All I can do now is ‘think’ myself into a state of abundance and hope this radiates from me when I go to the industry event tomorrow.

I am wearing so many hats at this thing, it will be a miracle if I remember who I am and what I’m doing. I am a PR, I am a senior agent, I am pitching a programme idea and I’ve agreed to discuss a friend’s book with various commissioners. I have an enormous file, stuffed with, well stuff, to remind me of what to say to whom. I’d better not drink too much gin.

I am travelling with a glorious, talented friend, so I am really looking forward to this. It’s work and play in equal measures and it’s a fantastic opportunity to rub shoulders and network with key industry players.

The biggest challenge has been coming up with a ‘capsule’ wardrobe. My airline ticket permits cabin luggage only, so one pair of shoes it is. No hair oil. No large novels. No perfume. The forecast says it will be chilly in Scotland, so I have gone for trousers, cardigans and a raincoat. Heaven help me if I am hit by a heatwave.

I will continue to post while I am away, but it will be brief and my laptop cannot upload photographs. It’s on it’s way out…but that’s not a problem, because I am manifesting money like it’s going out of fashion.

Personal manifesto

Scotland, watch out, there’s a badass in town.


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