So far, so good – Day 210

I can’t believe I am still awake. I got up at 4am to catch an early flight and am about to fly off to a drinks reception that goes on until 9pm. Sounds like a reasonable hour, when you got out of bed at a reasonable hour!

So far, so good. I’ve had some great meetings and realise that actually, I am quite good at networking. As long as you are charming and interested in people, they react well.

There’s this speed meeting thing, but on account of the fact that I applied too late, I didn’t get one match. Anyway, I admitted to one of the organisers that it was like being dateless on prom night and an hour later, she’d fixed up a meeting with the MD of a kids’ channel. Result!

I also had my selfie taken with the Love Island winners. I know, I was the oldest fan in town, but who cares? My daughters now think I am the coolest mum EVER, or at least I was for half an hour.

This event is so much bigger than it was 20 years ago and of course, everyone looks so young and I include Joanna Lumley in that statement – what is she on? I want some.

I reckon that with age comes a certain gravitas though. People seem to take me seriously by virtue of the fact that I’m nearer 60 than 16. I even found myself saying to somebody ‘Don’t mind me, I’m not important.’ Gah. Of course I am. I must watch what comes out of my mouth.

Right, so it’s time for gin, canapés and more chit chat. Don’t mind if I do.

Personal manifesto

I am all over this.

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