I’ve got this – Day 211

It was a dream meeting. Me, a badass blogger who is addicted to reality TV, sat there with a development head, who has spent a career making the shows I feel guilty about watching and what’s more, there was a bowl of M&Ms on the table.

There’s nothing like chatting to someone who shares your passion. It’s thrilling and it made me realise, more than ever, that I HAVE to work in the wonderful world of telly. Hell, I was addicted to the box when we only had three channels!

Remember how I told you that I’ll be working with Romany Romany? As our meeting came to a close, the development guy said ‘Yeah, I’m trying to find a female magician at the moment.’ I kid you not. The planets were in alignment today.

I could go on, but I am dashing out to a party, followed by another party – the latter one starts at 11pm, so not sure how long I will last seeing as I do love to be tucked up by 9pm. And OMG, I will miss Celebrity Big Brother, but there are more opportunities to be had and the night is young.

Personal manfiesto

I am creating the future I have dreamed about.


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