The long way home – Day 213

Having flown up to Scotland, I decided to take the long way home and went by train, which gave me plenty of time to contemplate the week’s events.

During the flight up, I worried that I’d gone to the festival with too many hats – a journalist, a PR, an agent, a book promotor, a programme pitcher and even someone who quite fancied doing a podcast. Actually, this turned out to be an advantage. I had an arsenal of ice-breakers, which gave me carte blanche to talk to just about anybody.

My younger-self used to be daunted by telly big wigs, but at 53, I am not because I don’t really care what anybody thinks. If they don’t like me or my ideas, well then, we’re not going to be working together.

Whatever hat I was wearing when I started a conversation, was almost irrelevant. Whether it was the MD of a huge channel, Head of Development for a well known indie or a media lawyer, we’d soon find common ground – an addiction to Love Island, an appreciation of good coffee or a penchant for ribald jokes. Yes, work stuff was discussed, but the conversations alway flow better when you’ve made a connection.

I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did. It made me realise that I really cannot spend all my time alone in my attic, tapping on a keyboard. I am a people person. I get a buzz out of ‘chatting shit’ (a phrase I picked up from one of my younger pals). I also realise how much I miss tabloid newspapers. I was seated next to two tabloid reporters at a TV channel dinner and I laughed until my belly ached. At first, they were worried that their jokes were a little risqué for my tastes, but it turned out, I was far more Carry On Up The Column than they’d imagined.

I have more of a sense of where I’m heading now and what I want. Yes, I crave more money, but I also want to be doing work that makes me joyful. TV, writing, entertainment, that’s my world.

I met up with both my new ‘performer’ clients whilst in Scotland – how odd that they were both there at the same time as me. The comedienne was doing a comedy festival, so it made sense that she’d be there, but the Magician had been on board a cruise ship that just happened to dock nearby. She did a magic trick for my friend and it was so good, I wonder if she might really be a white witch?

I am chuffed that I will be working with them both. It’s going to be a lot of fun and what’s more, I really want to a great job for them.

It has been a fab week, but it was also good to be home. En route, I said to my pal ‘I wish my husband was here to carry my case’ and guess who was at the station when I got home? Yay. That means more to me than all the red roses at Interflora. When I got in, the dog licked me to death and my daughters ran up and hugged me like a pair of baby koalas. It struck me that I really am, in the words of our great Hip Hop stars (whomever they are!) one lucky motherf*cker.

Personal manifesto

I love my life and all who sail into it.

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