Bank horrorday – Day 215

I agreed to go shopping on a Bank Holiday Monday. Whatever possessed me? It was hell out there on those streets. It was the same old story. One week to go before term starts and I am running round town trying to buy school uniform, shoes and stationary.

A lot of it has sold out. They never have any shoes left in my daughter’s size at the end of August, so she had to have a pair she considered ‘ugly’. Still, worse things have happened at sea.

They were lucky. Having been away from home for four days, I was still marvelling at the wonderfulness of my family, so I was more free and easy with the credit card than I would have been normally. I spent around £500 and the only thing I bought for myself was a concealer.

I had to do some work today as I am taking Dad to chemo first thing. I could do with chasing up the contacts I made in Scotland tomorrow, but that will have to wait.

The good news is, I will finally get to do some ballet this week. I’ve missed it so! I’m pointing my toes as I type, in readiness for the class.

And finally, I managed to fast. I ate so much junk in Scotland, it had to be done hence, I am posting up a shot of all the cakes I’d like to have eaten today, but didn’t.

Personal manifesto

Everything is going according to plan.

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