law of attraction, the dark side – Day 216

There’s nothing like spending six hours in a cancer unit when you haven’t got the disease, to make you feel grateful for having a healthy body. Then again, it’s hard to remain resolutely cheerful when suffering is all around you and it got me thinking.

They say that the law of attraction works both ways. You get the things you think about whether you want them or not. For example, if you spend your days worrying that your boyfriend/girlfriend is going to dump you, chances are they will. Likewise, stressing about an empty bank account, just brings more debt your way – apparently.

Since we found out that Dad had cancer, I’ve done a lot of Googling. I’ve read about worst case scenarios, best case scenarios, chemotherapy side affects…you name it, I’ve looked it up. Cancer is very much on my mind – does this mean therefore, that it is going to spark to life somewhere inside my body and eat its way through my organs?

I have a friend who is a medical journalist. She always said that multiple sclerosis was the disease she dreaded most and guess what, she contracted multiple sclerosis and has now reached a point where she needs a wheelchair. She has always been a bundle of nervous energy and the fact that she cannot walk, is agony for her.

It’s all very well following Esther Hicks’ example and turning negative thoughts into positive ones, but it is nigh on impossible not to think about cancer when the clicking of chemo machines is all around you and the room is populated by people pale as milk with no hair. Some of course, look as well as you or I, but for the most part, you can’t escape the fact that this is a hang out for the sick.

If the theory were true and you could get cancer just by thinking about it a lot, this would meant that every oncologist and cancer nurse, would succumb to the disease and I’ve never heard of any evidence to suggest this. It is however, well documented that stress is bad for your health, so worrying about the law of attraction biting me on the bum, could make me ill!

With this in mind,  I made an effort to concentrate on all the positive aspects of the cancer centre and there were many – the Blitz spirit, the compassionate chemo nurses and the smiling receptionist who dispenses free parking permits, ginger nuts and endless cups of tea . Cancer may be cruel, but spend a day in the chemo unit and you see that kindness is abundant.

Personal manifesto

The world is brimming with kindness.

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