Falling apart – Day 217

I was in the zone today. There I was, full of energy and brimming with activity, ready to take the world by storm, only to be waylaid by a never ending stream of household tasks. Our gaffe is falling apart.

The washing machine is broken, a sink is blocked, then another sink decided to leak – water cascaded it’s way through a cupboard full of cleaning products, seeped into the electrics and danced its way across the floor.

Kids demanded food, the dog couldn’t see through his fringe, so I cut it and created a delightful canine monobrow, a stream of e-mails fell into the inbox with requests for a catch-up. By the end of the day, I wanted to hide under the duvet and I really hadn’t achieved anything brilliant…unless you count getting the sink fixed.

Still, that was yesterday and today…there’s another appointment at the hospital with the oncology department this time. Sometimes life gets in the way of badassery.

I am travelling to hospital with my sister who is always good for a pep talk, so I reckon I’ll be well and truly prepped to for incredible awesomeness tomorrow…


Personal manfesto

I am dazzled by my own awesomeness.


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