Sunshine and smiles – Day 228

The oncologist looked shocked when he laid eyes on my dad. ‘You look well,’ he remarked before adding ‘The treatment you are on is hardcore, and you’re one of the oldest people on chemo.’

It is quite incredible. Dad has gained weight, he’s zipping around like a sixty-year-old and aside from a skin rash, the chemo has had few ill effects.

We don’t know yet if it is working, but he is looking pretty good on it. When it comes to cancer, you really do have to take one day at at time, but right here, right now, Dad is in a good place.

I went straight to ballet after the hospital appointment and something Big Dave the teacher said, really resonated.

A woman complained that she had an arched back. ‘No you don’t,’ said Dave with a slight LA twang. ‘You are not standing straight. Your body is perfect – for you. Isn’t that great? Everybody, your body is perfect for you. The physicality of ballet really makes you appreciate that.’ It’s so true!

I give my body a hard time. I berate my back fat, hate the sight of the cellulite on my thighs and am certain my bunions are growing, but I have to remember that this body has served me well. It’s given birth to three children, run a marathon and is withstanding the rigours of thrice weekly ballet classes.

Today, right here, right now, it’s well and healthy and I am thankful for that.


Personal manifesto

My body and I make a great team.

One comment

  1. When I was about 27 and reading a book about affirmations and loving one’s body, I was driving to work one day and said to my body something like “I love you, you’re beautiful and perfect” and honest to god it reacted instantly! I could feel it, how much those words were needed and appreciated! It was like my body came alive and started singing.
    Now I tell my body how wonderful it is, as often as I remember. It has given me so much pleasure. It has given me two children that are the best things in my life. It’s healthy and fit and I like what I see in the mirror.

    Keep trying to accept your body as it is instead of noting its “flaws.” You need that body and it needs you.

    I’ve always advised men who criticize their wives’ bodies that they’re going to get results opposite of what it is they want. Usually they’ll point out she’s overweight, thinking that’s going to encourage her to lose weight. It isn’t. It’s going to do the opposite — make her feel ugly and imperfect, which is in my opinion creating a vicious cycle, causing her to feel worse about herself and just gain more weight.
    “Tell her she’s beautiful,” I insist. “Tell her she’s beautiful to you, no matter what!” It’ll help her feel better about herself, and that will lead to better health and more fitness.

    And we need to tell ourselves this, too.


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