I love Sundays – Day 231

I used to hate Sundays. No matter what happened on a Sunday, Monday would always follow and that was the problem. I hated Mondays too. Not any more though. The joy of working for myself is that Mondays are nothing to fear. There is no commute to endure, no nasty boss to appease, Monday is what I make of it.

The morning was spent cleaning in preparation for our student tenants and then I took Dad out for lunch.

He complained of having a sore toe and wanted me to have a look. I know that sounds innocuous, but I can’t stand feet. I can barely bring myself to peer at my own, let alone my aged father’s.

Anyway, with the help of the torch on my iPhone I deduced that he has Athlete’s Foot and we went and got some cream. I reminded myself that this a small ‘medical’ situation compared with what is to come. I am rubbish with bodily stuff and must toughen up. The only reason I have coped with three kids and a dog is because my husband is not in the least bit squeamish. He is not afraid of spiders either. I chose well.

I made more promises to myself to write the novel, but managed zero words. I went to a stretch class instead and while my back feels great, the novel is upset with me. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Personal manifesto


Progress is being made.


  1. You are the second person I’ve heard of who is squeamish about feet. My son’s caregiver (I have an adult son who is “special needs”) feels nauseated at the sight of toes. She can barely look at his, let alone cut the nails. I’d say it’s weird, but I’ve known two people who were afraid of tiny kittens. Nothing is too innocuous to fear! It takes all kinds.


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