Having a word with myself – Day 233

I felt as if the universe was having a laugh when I got an e-mail yesterday evening from one of my biggest retainer clients, declaring that they had run out of money and were cutting their PR budget. The sums were scary – I am nearly £4K DOWN per month. No, this is not a ‘How to lose a million in a year blog’ I fumed!

I didn’t sleep well, but on waking, I decided to have a word with myself. Quitting is not an option. Having to apply for a full-time job horrifies me. This has to work. I have to have faith because without it, I am sunk.

Yesterday, I’d spoken to an unknown TV presenter who wanted some PR. Z listers are always the hardest to place and well, even though I am also helping to agent this woman, the idea of getting her some decent PR felt like a lot of hard work for not much money.

But hang on. She is willing to pay for PR. What was I doing? Plus, I have a lot of admiration for her. She has chutzpah. She’s enterprising. She wants to be big in TV and I think she will be. I have never met anybody more determined.

If I was interested in her, then it was likely that magazines would be too and first thing, I fired off a proposal with my suggestions. She liked them and paid the invoice immediately. 10 minutes later, I got a call from an Editor friend to say she’d like to put her on the front cover of a national newspaper supplement. Now, this sort of PR magic doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you start believing in miracles.

I e-mailed her agent about the forthcoming article and he promptly called up and asked me to run his social media. A few minutes later, a potential client I had pitched to asked to chat to me tomorrow. One door was closing, but all of a sudden, others have opened. Turns out the universe was just messing with me.

Personal manifesto

The universe loves me!

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