The power of the written word – Day 235

Interesting. Earlier this week, I wrote a list of things I wished I’d achieved during one of my not-so-productive days. As I was looking back at previous posts, I realised that many of the things in that list had come to pass. A few were things that were easy to achieve, like writing 500 words of the novel, but others, like getting an editor to place one of my clients, were a bigger ask.

It got me thinking. Did the act of writing a list of things I wanted spark off the law of attraction? Or was I unconsciously spurring myself into action? I guess it doesn’t matter because the truth is, I wrote a virtual shopping list and ended up with many of the items in my basket.

With this in mind, I am going to try it again. This is what I want, what I really really want, next week:


  •     A new retainer client.
  •     A big cheque to land in my bank account.
  •    A celebrity  willing to be in my first podcast star
  •    2000 words of inspired novel writing.
  •    A better pointy toe in ballet class.
  •    Fun and laughter with the family.
  •   A TV company interested in a show I am pitching.
  •   A commission to write a feature.


There we go. I am sending my wishes out into the ether. Let’s see what’s happened this time next week.

Personal manifesto

I am the mistress of manifesting.

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