When life gets in the way – Day 237

I was raring to go. It was Monday morning, I’d written my list of ‘wants’ and at 9am the phone rang with somebody wanting to introduce me to a potential client. I was right there in the driving seat, ready to go full throttle. Vroooooommmm!

But the wheels fell off my perfectly executed day when I called my dad and he told me: ‘I’m just waiting for an ambulance…’

I won’t go into the gory details, but the next minute, I was haring down the M25 with my sister, who had been planning to go and see Brandon Bays talk about The Journey in London that night.

We both had stuff to do, but right then, nothing was more important than looking after Dad. Besides, he cannot be trusted to speak to medical practitioners on his own as he gets all the questions wrong.

‘So, you are being treated for bladder cancer?’

‘No,’ he says, shaking his head emphatically.

‘Yes you are Dad.’

‘Am I?’

‘And you’re having chemotherapy?’

‘Well, I wasn’t at the start, they were going to give me radiotherapy, but then, well I missed a scan and…

We cut him off mid-sentence. ‘Yes, he’s having chemotherapy. Gemcitabine and carboplatin.’

Scribble, scribble..

It was stressful and we were in A&E for hours, but we had a delightful doctor. They’d put us in a private room because Dad’s immune system is compromised and people must have wondered why there was so much laughter going on.

It was laughter verging on hysteria…my sister and I get like that when we’re tired and stressed.

I’m pleased to say that Dad was safely dropped back home, he’s okay and we’re monitoring him carefully.

Not much work got done yesterday, but that’s life. It gets in the way and all you can do is go with the flow.

Personal manifesto

I calmly cope with whatever life throws at me.

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